Тексты всех четырех песен с нового альбома группы:

Gemini – Behind Two Black Moons  

Gemini, the constellation of the black

Death and fear, the abysses’ womb is open wide

Slowly, two sable eyes slowly rise

Two moons, pitch black and huge


Let Chaos curve around the vulnerable Earth

To clear the dirty human carnival

Sensual, greedy and eternal drama

Should be played its last act and end



Through the thousand years long cosmic night

I walk with the flaming trident, composed of stars

The signs of the transfiguration

Of the cosmic bodies and the astrals

That dwells there


Two black moons


Soon the world will wakes up from the lunatic coma

And will perish at once, disintegrate into nothing

The reflections of horror will step out of the mirrors

And the universal sibilation will be everywhere

Bringer of Celestial Anomalies

When the Sun will stop

I’ll be the source of this anomaly

The Beasts look in awe, petrified

At the collapse of the perfect formations


Magnificent and perfect error

Paralyses celestial machinery

The planets stop moving

Yielding, as they are, to me only


The day is mixed with the total darkness

The night shines with the flaming radiance

Despotically and ironically I swung the door open

For the new, terrible and perfect creatures


Among the shivers and fragments of the System

I enter an endless hall of the flammable voids

The beauteous aura of the uprising utopias shines

Endless journey, that’s bringing my anomalies


Nightmares from the nether Dark

Ablaze with verdant flames

Digging their malodorous lairs

In the cold anti-world’s dead wastelands


Thus the new Creator moves his wand

Perfect mixture of the elements and sulfur

Brings to life and arranges new Chaos

Bringing forward the new dimension

At the Halls of the Pleiades

To those, who I long for

To those, who are not here anymore

I’m descending lower and lower

To the halls of the benumbed Pleiades



I would lead you beyond the midnight

That is waiting for us behind these walls

I secretly long for redemption

In this finale, which is so close to the death


To those, who meet me again

To those, who perished in my visions

I’m descending lower and lower

To the halls of the abandoned flames


The desolates in the labyrinths of torture

Will dissolve in the grotesque dementia

This will happen irreversibly

Before the darkness will steal us away


And the seven stars will wander eternally

In the darkness of this frozen halls

Forever more

New World Planetarium

Yes, I wandered alone

The worlds undone and

Thousands of years

Of perishing fears


No, all the planets are gone

Reclaim is done

The solar crown’s

Dethroned down


Across the peripheral expanse

The shine races, pristine

The God of the Sun is reborn

Wearing the fires to adorn


The haze of decay is dispersed

The shining blazes of the Light

Carve the planetary schemes

On inside of my skin


Shining’s my reflection

Black elements dimension

I sow the constellations

Texturize the foundation

Of my new empire


Renaissance’s direction

Divine reconnection

Distillatory perfection

This is a new world planetarium


So I was chosen from men

Between two parallels of Death

My Universe shudders, torn asunder

Unleashing the clouds of cosmic dust

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