Burzum. The End.

Breaking news! Varg Vikernes on his YouTube chanell reported about the end of the existence of Burzum

Many haeve too much, but nobody has enough
Cure the rot of greed in your brain, by doing things not for profit, but for the benefit of others! If you want to change the worls(I do…) you have to start with yourself.
I can add that to you Burzim is a musis project. Sp,e like it, others don’t. Ok.
But to me Burzum is my painful past in a reeking bog, that took me many years to get out from — and when I finally did I just ended ip in a new bog.
Burzum was never my choise of life, I didnt’ even want to become a musican. It was just something that never came — and that never could come.
I have left all reeking bogs, amd I have moved on…
Bye bye Burzum. See the Sunrise and see her banish all the darkness of this world.