Batushka Live in Kyiv

Bellow you can see photoreport from Polish Black/Doom metal band Batushka performance in Kyiv, Monteray Club, 06.10.2018.


  1. Intro
  2. Ектения I: Очищение
  3. Ектения II: Благословение
  4. Ектения III: Премудрость
  5. Ектения IV: Милость
  6. Ектения V: Святый вход
  7. Ектения VI: Упование
  8. Ектения VII: Истина
  9. Ектения VIII: Спасение

Really big metal crowd were at this performance. And this really cool, because it’s not often for Metal Gig in Kyiv.
The show was awesome, as always (I saw Batushka live performance the third time). And it was the last show in Ukraine during their European tour “the end of litourgiya
Thanks and respect to the band and to the organizer of this concert – C&S Music and Konstantin Surin.

Full photoset is available on Flickr